EA8 July 2007 Statistical Data

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EA8 July 2007 Statistical Data



Total QSO: 114


DXCC worked: 25


QSO per mode as a percentage: SSB 99%   CW 1%

QSO per band as a percentage:


20 m   0.87 %

17m    92.9 %

15m    1.75 %

10m    4.38 %



Best DX worked: South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Moldavia and Israel.


Best QRP QSO with a distance of approx. 3100-km:


M3LUH 5 watts

G4CPA 5 watts

ON3FZT 5 watts


Countries Worked by continent:


Europe: England, Wales, Scotland, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Malta, Spain,

Lithuania, Sweden, Portugal, Moldavia, Russia, Netherlands, Romania.


Africa: Algeria, South Africa.


Middle East: Saudi Arabia, Israel.