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Andrew, EA8/G7COD will be active from the resort of Playa Del Cura on the south west coast of the island of Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands, IOTA AF-004. The dates of operation will be from the 20th March to the 28th March 2010, give or take a few days. I will be operating from an apartment in the hillside approximately 100ft above sea level and 100 metres from the sea.


I will be active everyday using SSB and CW on all bands including WARC frequencies from 20 to 10 metres. Subject to the local QRN, I may also be operational on the 40 and 30 metre bands. From past experience at this location, only the bands above 20 metres were usable due to strong local QRN, so I will have to wait and see.


Working conditions will be very simple, consisting of 100 watts PEP from an Icom IC 7000, MFJ 929 Auto ATU, switch mode power supply and Vibroplex mini straight key. The antenna will be a resonant Inverted V for 20 and 17m bands and a homebrew multi-band vertical consisting of a 10 metre length of wire terminated into a 4:1 unun.


Please feel free to sign and leave your comments on my guest book. In the meantime thank you for checking my website and I hope to work as many stations as possible during this short activation.